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Submit your outstanding Polish to the APRC Winners Circle!
Winners Circle

Black Polish 2013 Open Best of Breed - Vicki & Bradley CampbellWe are proud to recognize outstanding Polish Rabbits and their owners. If you have an outstanding Polish that has received either a Best in Show, Reserve in Show, or Best 4 Class Award, we want to hear from you!

Members are encouraged to submit a digital photo and identifying information on the winning animal. Access our submission guidelines and online submission form.

Please Note: Photos submitted will be subject to periodic rotation off of the APRC website. Photos submitted become the property of the American Polish Rabbit Club and may be used in APRC promotional material and/or artwork (online or print).

Ratzel/Mageles TM60 - RIS Windy Plains RBA March 18 - Owned by Adyson Vogel
Ratzel/Mageles Ear #TM60
Broken Sr Doe
RIS 3/18/2017
Windy Plains RBA
Garden City, Kansas
Owned by: Adyson Vogel
Castle Rock, CO
Bred By Ratzel/Mageles Polish


Spruce Hill's Tobias - Owned by Alexander Uciechowski
Spruce Hill's Tobias Ear #FOUR
Broken Jr Buck
RIS Youth Show B 12/4/2016
Garden State RCBA
Augusta, NJ
Owned by: Alexander Uciechowski
Woodbourne, NY

Akin's CF57 - Owned by Susan Akins
Akin's CF57
Black Jr Doe
RIS Show 8/19/2015
Clakamas County Fair/Crazy 8 RCBA
Canby, OR
Owned by: Susan Akins
Estacada, OR


Treasure Chest's 2TC - Owned by Aiden Burrows
Treasure Chest's 2TC
Broken Sr Buck
BIS Show Youth B 8/8/2015
FSRCBA "Sizzling Summer"
Bartow, FL
Owned by: Aiden Burrows
Myakka City, FL
Bred by: Tina Garrison & Cheryl Thompson


Treasure Chest's TC6 - Owned by Tina Garrison & Cheryl Thompson
Treasure Chest's TC6
Broken Sr Doe
BIS Show C 8/8/2015
FSRCBA "Sizzling Summer"
Bartow, FL
Owned by: Tina Garrison & Cheryl Thompson
Lake Wales, FL

Treasure Chest's 2TC - Owned by Aiden Burrows
Treasure Chest's 2TC
Broken Sr Buck
BIS 7/25/2015
Emerald Coast RBA
Panama City, FL
Owned by: Aiden Burrows
Myakka City, FL
Bred by: Tina Garrison & Cheryl Thompson


Rice/Johnson's 403K - Owned by Amber, Kayleee, & Madison Lackey
Rice/Johnson's 403K
Black Sr Buck
BIS 5/16/2015
Columbia, SC
Owned by: Amber, Kaylee, & Madison Lackey
Clinton, SC
Bred by: Kassie Rice/Tim Johnson

A big thank you to:
Kassie Rice,Tim Johnson, & Val Counterman
for the opportunity to have this
animal as a part of our family.



Winners Circle Submission Guidelines

In order to best maintain a uniform appearance and provide consistency for all APRC members wishing to participate in the APRC Winners' Circle promotion, we ask all submissions be subject to the following guidelines...

  • Owner of the Polish must be a current member of APRC.

  • Polish must have been awarded Best in Show, Reserve in Show , or Best 4 Class at an                               ARBA/APRC sanctioned Polish show*.

  • Photos submitted must be digital (no scans) and of good resolution (200 pixels per square inch or                     more). Please do NOT crop, resize, or otherwise alter photos with any photo editing software.

  • Please submit photos as soon as possible for maximum exposure on the website. At the webmaster's             discretion, in order to keep the APRC website content fresh, older photos will be rotated out periodically             as new photos come in.

  • If you have an outstanding rabbit that has earned several BIS, RIS, or Best 4 Class awards, there is no             need to submit another photo (unless you wish to REPLACE* the current photo being displayed). Just               e-mail the webmaster at: and indicate the total of BIS, RIS, and/or B4C awards won to date and those numbers will be added to your rabbit's information.

*We apologize, but at this time Best of Breed, Best Opposite, or Variety Class winners cannot be accepted. (BOB, BOS, BOV, & BOSV awarded at the ARBA Convention and National Polish Show are showcased on the APRC Events page of this website. Youth members who win Best in Show at a non-ARBA sanctioned 4-H or other youth-based organized show may have their info and photo displayed on the APRC Youth page.)

**Note: Polish will not be listed twice on this page, but photos can be submitted to replace the current photo and an update of the award information can be made by e-mailing the webmaster as outlined above. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Winners Circle Submission Form
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PLEASE BE PATIENT. As soon as your photo successfully uploads, you will be taken to the Winners Circle Confirmation page. Photos with a larger file size (KB/MB) will take longer for the upload process to complete. Slower Internet connections will also affect the upload time.

NOTE: The CAPTCHA Code above should consist of six (6) alpha numeric characters (2 numbers and 4 letters). If you do NOT see 6 characters, you can: 1) REFRESH THE PAGE (if you have not yet filled in the form) or 2) CLICK THE 'BACK' ARROW at the top left of your browser and return to this page by clicking the 'Forward' arrow. (This will refresh the CAPTCHA, but preserve your form input. If you still have questions, please e-mail the Webmaster.

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