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APRC Sweepstakes

Below are the FINAL sweepstakes standings for 2016.

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Final reports for 2015 and previous years are available below.

APRC Sweepstakes Results for 2015
APRC Sweepstakes Results for 2014
APRC Sweepstakes Results for 2013
APRC Sweepstakes Results for 2012
APRC Sweepstakes Results for 2011
APRC Sweepstakes Results for 2010

Below are the Open & Youth show reports for 2016 received as of May 1, 2016.
If you do not see your show listed here, please contact the sponsoring club's Show Secretary.

2016-17 Show Reports - 01-02-2016 to 1-19-2017

Following are the guidelines for the annual APRC Sweepstakes Competition:

The APRC Sweepstakes contest shall run from January 1st through December 31st of each year. Exhibitors must be members in good standing of the APRC at the time the animal is shown in order to receive sweepstakes points. Awards shall be presented at the annual meeting to the winners. Awards will be presented to open and youth for the following:

  • 1st place thru 10th place Overall Sweepstakes
  • 1st place thru 5th place in each Individual Variety
  • 1st place thru 3rd place in Quality Points

Any APRC member in good standing who exhibits at the ARBA convention or APRC National show shall receive DOUBLE sweepstakes points.

Sweepstakes points will only be recorded and reported in the name the member used when joining the APRC. Members choosing to show in a partnership must notify the Sweepstakes Chairman prior to exhibiting under a partnership name. Partnerships must be from the same family and/or reside in the same state. If a person in a partnership shows under a single name, their points will be accumulated under that single name. No points will be combined or separated during a sweepstakes year. The Sweepstakes Chairperson shall record sweepstakes points only in the names as they appear on show reports.

Sweepstakes points will be awarded at all American Polish Rabbit Club sanctioned shows. If a youth sanction is not offered in conjunction with an open show, youth points may be earned by exhibiting at the respective open show. If a youth sanctioned show is held in conjunction with an open show, youth points will only be awarded for exhibiting in the youth show.

Sweepstakes points to be valued as follows:

  • Six (6) times number in class for first
  • Four (4) times number in class for second
  • Three (3) times number in class for third
  • Two (2) times number in class for fourth
  • One (1) times number in class for fifth
  • One (1) times number of Polish in the show for Best of Breed
  • One-half (1/2) times the number of Polish in show for Best Opposite of Sex

Quality points will be valued as follows: Qualifying Best of Breed wins earns two points; Qualifying Best Opposite of Breed earns one point. Quality points are earned only if a minimum of five animals are shown by a minimum of three exhibitors.