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Your involvement with the American Polish Rabbit Club will be worthwhile and an excellent value for your hard earned dollars.

Below are listed the current Officers, Directors, Appointed Officers, and Committee Members of the American Polish Rabbit Club. Also available for viewing and download are the APRC Constitution & By-Laws.

The APRC serves members nationwide through six service districts. Districts are as follows:

District 1
Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire,
New Jersey, New York,
Rhode Island, Vermont,
Virginia, and West Virginia

District 2
Indiana, Kentucky,
and Ohio


American Polish Rabbit Club


District 3
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, N. Carolina, Oklahoma, S. Carolina,
and Tennessee

District 4
Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska,
and Wisconsin,

District 5
Alaska, Canada, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana,
North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington,
and Wyoming

District 6
Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Japan, Nevada,
New Mexico, Utah,
and all other foreign countries not otherwise specified.


APRC Executive Board

Pat Glenn - APRC Vice-President
APRC Vice-President - Currently Vacant
Drew Bliss - APRC Secretary-Treasurer

Pat Glenn
APRC President
Mishawaka, IN

Dori Schlientz
APRC Vice President
Lowell, MI

Drew Bliss
APRC Secretary
Marne, MI

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APRC Directors

Sandy Baker - APRC Director, District 1
Richard Krebs - APRC Director, District 2
Tina Garrison - APRC Director, District 3

Sandy Baker
District 1 Director
Gouverneur, NY

Richard Krebs
District 2 Director
Stamping Ground, KY

Tina Garrison
District 3 Director
Lake Wales, FL

Dori Schlientz - District 4 Director
Madelyn Beckstron - APRC Director, District 5
Joan Theis - District 6 Director

Jill Schmitt
District 4 Director
Allenton, WI

Madelyn Beckstrom
District 5 Director
Kasson, MN

Joan Thies
District 6 Director
Ft. Lupton, CO

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News Editor




Dori Schlientz
APRC Newsletter Editor
Lowell, MI

The Little Aristocrat is published quarterly for the benefit of APRC members. Any member may submit articles or other news that will be of benefit to members of the APRC. Following are the publication dates and submission deadlines:

Spring Issue (June) - Submission deadline is May 10. This issue publicizes National Polish Show results.

Summer Issue (August) - Submission deadline is July 10. This issue publicizes APRC Election Coverage.

Fall Issue (December) - Submission deadline is November 10. This issue publicizes ARBA Convention Results.

Winter Issue (February) - Submission deadline is January 10. This issue publicizes the upcoming National Polish Show information.




Sweepstakes Secretary

Drew Bliss - APRC Sweepstakes Secretary

Drew Bliss
4193 Leonard
Marne MI 49435



APRC Webmaster
Charlcie Fowler - APRC Webmaster

Charlcie Fowler


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APRC Committees

Committees and those that serve on them perform a vital service for this organization and its members. The main functions of APRC committees are to:

  1. Complete prep work and development of policy options & recommendations for consideration of the Board.
  2. Carry out tasks on behalf of the Board in the area represented by the committee.
  3. Aid in the implementation of committee-focused activities.

Below is a representation of the committees currently operating on behalf of the APRC. There are currently three open committee positions. If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please contact APRC President
Drew Bliss. Also please access the APRC Committee Guidelines to familiarize yourself with committee duties and responsibilities.

Diane Morris - Chair
Carl High


Valorie Counterman
Sancie Rupple

American Polish Rabbit Club

Val Counterman - Chair

Dori Schlientz


Val Counterman

Grant Olson - Chair
Kathi Groves
Richard Krebs

Marie Adams - Chair
Kathi Groves
Richard Krebs
Joan Thies


Dori Schlientz - Chair
Alyssa Harder

Madelyn Beckstrom - Chair
John Graybeal
Alisha Krueger
Tresa Hutchinson


John Grimm - Chair
Jeannie Fisher

Andy Rupple- Chair
Sancie Rupple - Advisor


Drew Bliss

American Polish Rabbit Club


Brandy Dunn

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